Sally Atkinson

Sally Atkinson

Digital Marketeer

Amanda Seyfried doppelganger

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Sally is a digital marketer at WE. A millennial with a keen eye for emerging trends and a flair for content creation, Sally helps businesses grow by exploring new technological trends and supporting improved workplace efficiency.

Sally found her natural talent for marketing while studying fashion business at college, going on to develop and refine her digital marketing skills at WE — joining the team in 2017 as our first ever apprentice.

With a particular interest in consumer behaviour, Sally is qualified in digital marketing and is RITTech registered with The Chartered Institute of IT.

Part of a Teesside farming family, Sally has been brought up with an appreciation for hard graft. On the occasions when she isn’t working, Sally puts her creativity into concocting new dishes (or binging on Netflix).

“Working with WE is real and raw. I am not sheltered by anything and I explore the highs and lows of business life like it’s my own company. I love that. It’s the reason I’ve learnt so much.”

Sally, Wireless Economics

Sally Atkinson