Teesside Retailer: 10 people

We improved efficiencies and increased customer insight

Teeside Retailer

Well established family business with a large client base throughout the North East.


Reliance on spreadsheets, paper files and the postal service meant that simple admin tasks had long turn-around-times and digital data didn't exist.


Introduce digital ways of working — streamline processes and increase efficiency.

We did

We carried out an operational review and put together a strategy — setting out how we’d transform the paper-based business into an efficient team of digital natives.

We introduced digital forms of communications to replace the 'writing, printing and posting' process. Where once the team had numerous phonebooks, files and spreadsheets, we brought all historical customer information together in one place.

We trained each different person in relevant digital skills and GDPR. Training took place face to face, over the phone, via email and most was accompanied by step-by-step guides.

Our support continues. We help out with event management and we have recently created their visual identity (logo) and website. We do a little copywriting here and there and we help out with social media when they need it. However, sometimes we simply put our heads together to think of new ideas for future events and campaigns.


Streamlining marketing processes, moving from paper files to digital automation, means that efficiencies have been increased across the business.

By introducing a new website and moving communications from Royal Mail to email, the team now have the ability to collect customer information such as website clicks and email opens — giving them a deeper understanding of how, when and why to contact their customers.

Investing your time and cash in new ways of working is a big commitment, we get that. That’s why thorough training comes as part of the package.

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