National Veterinary Group: 4,000 people

We used customer segmentation to create customised communications

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A veterinary group, with 4,000+ employees based at sites across the UK.


After a period of rapid growth, the group’s technology was struggling to keep up and there was a real lack of marketing consistency.


Define customer segments — understand the best ways to communicate with different groups of people.

We did

We completed a full communications review. We shared our findings and proposal with the leadership team — giving them just what they needed to create a relevant and achievable communications strategy.

With the new strategy in place, we got to work combining historic customer data and putting systems in place to ensure future customer data would be collected based on the group’s new strategic priorities. As the website wasn’t being used to its full potential, we adapted it to include modernised forms of customer engagement and monitoring.

We trained each member of the marketing team in relevant digital skills. We continue to support and train the team face to face, over the phone, and by email. We’ve also supplied them with personalised training materials and step-by-step guides.


With a strategic communications plan in place and access to a developing database of relevant customer information, the whole group is now able to find and identify their most valuable customer segments — and treat them accordingly.

What’s more, due to investing in staff training, the group now has the inhouse ability to confidently manage their own marketing. By developing their inhouse skills and confidence, the group has seen a surge in team efficiency and a reduction in external marketing costs.

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