How event attendance went through the roof for one Yorkshire business

By combining their on and offline offer, this business has created a sense of community

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Commercial landlord based in Yorkshire.


Increase visibility and community spirit among a group of 100+ businesses.

We did

We provided a combination of on and offline support.

Online support included creating a new website and populating it with interesting and relevant information including a short film and full set of new copy.

Offline support was in the form of event management — holding events for tenants and members of the local community.

We continue to work together, supporting the team with social media and copy writing. We also produce regular short interviews with different commercial tenants and upload to the relevant channels.


The events we’ve held could break records for attendance and positive feedback. The events, coupled with the interviews, have really increased a sense of community and awareness across the many different businesses.

They’re a fantastic bunch to work with and it’s been rewarding to watch them grow on their journey to digital confidence.