Integrate change

Align your plans and your people

Creating a strategy for reality means taking people with you on the journey — we’ll prepare you for the bumps and guide you around the lumps

Change can be a challenge. We help people prepare for the obvious and the obscure.

We work with people to create and update strategies for reality. Bringing together a reassuring blend of fresh ideas and deliverable outcomes, we’ll show you what your future could realistically look like and how to bring your whole workforce along for the ride.

Whether you’ve started a new business and you’re feeling daunted at the thought of creating your first business strategy or you’re part of an established organisation, looking for a practical plan to guide your team through a time of hefty change — we’ll help you see the wood for the trees. By taking the time to get to know you, your team, your customers and your business — we’ll help you create your strategy for reality.

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We got a national animal charity on track. The organisation now has one joined-up plan that accommodates the needs of the whole organisation.

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