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Oct 25, 2019

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Top 5 digital marketing challenges facing SMEs

Digital marketing is an important factor in the success of small to medium businesses but it can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many ways to navigate around tactical issues and help your company expand its online presence. Read on to learn more about the 5 most common challenges small to medium businesses face and what you can do to overcome them.

1) Budget

In most cases limited budgets for marketing mean businesses cannot run with big digital marketing programmes. Experts suggest that on average 10-15% of an organisations overall turnover should be spent on marketing. That includes all types of marketing but it’s no surprise that spend in the digital world is increasing year on year. Perhaps one of the main benefits to going digital is measurement. It’s much easier to identify what’s working and what’s not and adapt accordingly.

2) Choosing which social media platform to use

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What is the best social media platform?”

The answer will always be different as you have to fully understand your customers before you can choose the right platform for your business. Even after you have considered the basics such as age, geographical region, likes and habits of your target audience you’ll have to work hard to cut through the noise and get their attention. Which brings us nicely to…

3) Creating effective content

Content creation for any business can be difficult. Typically, SME’s don’t have the luxury of additional resource to create and maintain a consistent content creation schedule. Help to manage this might come in the form of a freelancer to develop and activate a social media strategy but this itself doesn’t come without challenge. Creating a consistent ‘tone of voice’ and recognisable look and feel for your business takes time and energy. Prices will vary depending upon whether you choose to work with an individual or a company but content is a good place to put a portion of your budget. Most experts claim that content is the #1 most important factor of your entire digital marketing programme, so it’s worthwhile to ensure that yours is high-quality, well-written and ample.

4) Keeping on top of technology

With the news from the recently launched 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape "Supergraphic" revealing that there are 7,040 marketing technologies on the market right now, it’s no wonder that business leaders are struggling to stay on top of trends. The chances are you’re pretty busy with other things – like running your business. That’s why working with a partner with experience of these types of technology can bring real benefits. Not only in saving you time and energy but by almost acting as a digital tour guide, helping you to source the right technology for you today and into the future.

5) Generating quality leads and increasing visibility

With targets to meet and objectives to achieve, lack of time can be one of the biggest bottlenecks to your business’s growth.

Marketing automation - the process of using software to automate some aspects of your lead generation and marketing process - gives your business the ability to produce better lead generation results without the time investment of traditional outreach and sales. But using a marketing automation tool without an effective strategy, is like trying to canoe without a paddle. With luck, you might reach your destination but it will take way too long and will be very frustrating. Knowing where you want to go and what you need to get you there is a good starting point for your new digital strategy.

So what's the solution?

We're here to help you by;

  • Providing a cost effective solution that is a fixed fee, inclusive package

  • Taking insight from your current customer set and by testing, measuring, testing, measuring we’ll identify the channels that work best for your business

  • Using state of the art marketing technology by SharpSpring, we’ll integrate your marketing and customer database into one platform, with one log in. This joined up approach will ensure your message is consistent and easy to measure.

  • Together we’ll create your new strategy to create new leads, increase revenue AND delight current customers.

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Post by Vicki Robson