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Oct 01, 2021

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Create a modern workplace – a space for collaboration & flexibility

The importance of embracing different work styles, enabling people to have an approach to work that fits around their whole life has never been so important.

18 months ago when we were all sent home from the office, we quickly adapted to new ways of working and we reassessed our relationship with work. We altered our entire approach to how, when and where we did our jobs. Commutes were quashed and, for many, caring responsibilities became easier to balance. We proved that we didn’t need to travel. We found that we were able to get our work done without trekking in rush hour, to an office building, five days a week. And because of this experience we’ve come to have very different expectations around flexibility.

A recent large-scale study by Microsoft found that, for companies to thrive in a post covid world, they need toactively build new habits and ensure that no matter where employees work, they feel like they belong”. The study also explained the importance of including employees in conversations and supporting their diverse needs and work styles. Not every employee will want to return to an office. Some might want a blend and others might not ever want to work from home again — there is a way to manage all of these scenarios.

It’s time to create a digital and physical space that meets everyone’s needs. It’s time to welcome the modern workplace.

The Modern Workplace

The term refers to the digital and physical things we need to be productive, to participate and to be engaged in work, today:

Collaborative communication
— Everything is shared and stored in one safe place. It’s easy to find, understand, monitor and collaborate together.

Smooth processes using connected platforms
— Everyone uses the same connected system. Errors are minimal and simple tasks are automated.

Secure and reliable data storage
— All data is held in one, secure and fit for purpose, space. It’s quick and easy for teams to find useful and reliable information.

Working across a range of compatible devices
— Teams can safely access the things they need via mobiles, desktops and everything in-between.

Up to date software that stays up to date
— Basic IT support (such as password resets) no longer requires input from a professional. IT teams have increased capacity to focus on scaling technology to meet evolving staff and customer requirements.

Comfortable and flexible working
— People have the right tools for the job, and they’re supported to move away from burdensome routines and embrace their choice of a healthy work-life balance.

Adapting to change is rarely simple. Historic systems and traditional working practices might be slow and clunky, but the comfort of familiarity means they can be difficult to move away from.

As workplaces change, along with everyone’s expectations of what they should look like, we help businesses to revise their culture and reassess their technology — the two essential steps to creating a successful modern workplace.

Post by Georgina Barrett

Photo by Kevin Bhagat

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