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Jun 20, 2019

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Content Writing — How to Make Articles Fun

Hi, Amanda Seyfried here, (I wish) it’s actually Sally,

I am writing this little post for you all to help you with the dreaded topic of content writing. I hope I can share a few tips with you all to help you not dread writing, after all writing can be fun, it’s good for the mind and can help inspire others. You just have to find your writing style inside - everyone has one! I found mine when I started writing the Feature Friday project for a client. You can read it here


Everyone has a voice, so use it wisely. I mean wisely, don’t write things that are going to tick people off or offend folk. Think about your audience and relate your voice to those people.

- I wish you the best of luck for that because we’re in sensitive times at the minute as we all know, and content posted on the internet reaches far and wide.


Don’t be too negative. Leave that to the tabloids ,it’s what they’re paid to do. Your content wants to do one of the following; either educate or inspire. Notice, that I didn’t put sell. I hate to break it to you but if you write content that is a hard sell people won’t read it. A way to get around this is talking about the benefits to the consumer about your product/service instead.


Use your own/businesses personality in your writing. My biggest tip is to write about things that are relatable to your audience. Things that get people excited or relatable life experiences work well. Someone once told me that I make articles fun, that’s an impression you want to make to your audience.


Your audience is your gold dust. If you don’t know who they are you can’t talk to them. It’s like sending a one size shoe to a football team and expecting them all to fit. It’s the same with writing content. To find your audiences look at your analytics, understand your current customers and do appropriate market research.

I just LOVE writing content so, if the thought of all this makes you feel overwhelmed, remember we’re here to help!

Just drop me a line and we can take it from there.

Post by Sally Atkinson