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Nov 10, 2021

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Could your technology problem be a people problem?

People usually contact us because they have a technical problem and they’re looking for a fix. We’re asked to advise which tools will help teams to work better together, and which systems will help organisations to communicate with their audiences in the best possible way.

We help people understand, select and integrate tools that are the right fit for their organisation and their budget. Simple, right? Not necessarily…

For some organisations, it doesn’t matter what systems they buy or how much they invest in overhauling their technology. Their projects will be late, over budget and sometimes—even with the best possible tools in place—they will fail. This is because technology can’t fix office politics, weird personalities or other people problems.

When the issues include poor communication, fear of change, big egos, strange behaviour and a lack of experience/ confidence/ leadership — the initial change needs to focus on the people, not the technology.

The messy and emotional nature of people problems means that they’re not straightforward to understand or deal with. People can start acting odd and causing problems when they’re feeling scared and uncomfortable, often as a result of being asked (or expected) to step out of their comfort zones. New technology can’t help you figure out why David and Susan won’t work together anymore, or why John is refusing to let his team use the same system as the rest of the organisation.

With complete commitment from your leadership team, change is possible but it will be much slower than your average tech project. Solving people problems is a step-by-step process — it involves working out how different personalities respond to new approaches, learning new skills and introducing new ways of working. It also involves leaders remaining committed and patient, despite bouts of workplace resistance and scepticism.

We’re technology experts but we’re focused on people, as technology only works if people are prepared to use it.

If you’re experiencing problems with your people, and you’re committed to solving them

Talk to us, we can help