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May 26, 2020

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Digital Transformation; Paving the way to success

Digital transformation. Sounds exciting, but what does it actually mean?

The definition isn’t too important, as it differs for everyone. The broad base delineate that sits as the foundation for its nature is; the transformation of an organisation via the integration of digital technologies, changing the ways in which the organisation works from culture to operation.

As daunting as that sounds; it is. Which is why the key to ensuring a successful digital transformation is initiating the necessary alliance needed as the fundamental foundations of the project to even begin to see an end. Who forms the so-called alliance you may ask? We share the structure of collaboration that we have found to be the most effective below.

A team to deliver the dream:

It’s not always about the what you need, but about the who you need. Having a team of mixed mindsets with individual outlooks, thought processes and ideas to input can aid in the “visionary” thinking needed to deliver the most beneficial end product.

So who DO you need? We’ll start from the inside-out:

The Dreamers:

Every dream starts with a dreamer! And digital transformation projects are no exception. Whether the dream sparks from: a need for a refurbish, future proofing, better experience for the users or customer, the dream is there.

As an organisation, having an understanding of what advantages you are looking to achieve upon implementation of new technologies, and what will benefit the greater good whilst being prepared for challenges and new ways of working, is a preliminary necessity, and an ideology that needs to be persistent throughout the project to ensure the end product is in line with the reason the dream was initially set in motion.

The Change Champion:

The insider! The change champion should be an organisation influencer. An effective communicator, knowledge of culture, is a respected member of the organisation and either some knowledge in the digital field or an aptitude to learn.

A key member of the project team, the change champion will expose the benefits of the end product, set expectations amongst colleagues, and ensure the end users will be satisfied with their new tech! Culture will often play a big role in the hurdles you will face throughout the project. Having inside knowledge of this and how the establishment operates can assist in the mediation and compromise needed to proceed with the completion of the project.

The Finance Expert:

The finance expert; Another member of the organisation, a high level contributor and decision maker when It comes to projects of this nature. Sounds obvious, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. With projects of this sort, things change, needs alter, other needs that accompany it and are out of scope may come into play. Of course all of these possibilities have financial implications, which is why its important to ensure you keep those involved in the economical side in the loop at all times, and project efforts and alterations are communicated throughout so they are aware of any possible pricing changes and developments.

The Technical Specialist:

Ah the ‘techsperts’! With the sheer volume of roles that need to be covered in the planning, build and implementation of the new technology, this is usually a team of digital specialists who play a big role in the delivery of the final result.

Not only should they understand the technology, but the organisations needs in order to create and facilitate the aspirations. They add value from previous experience and make contextualised recommendations that address specific industry challenges, whilst ensuring maximum value from the investment in digital technology.

The Digital Lead:

Rare beasts these. The broad based expert who goes beyond the technology and brings people together to get the project over the line, by supporting everyone through the pain, process, tools and insights needed to achieve impact and integrate change.

At some stages, not always popular! Leadership here is having to be innovative, creative, collaborative, experimental and curious, at the same time. Remaining relevant is the trick. This requires forward thinking as the change is in motion. Networking; staying connected is the key to continual harmony in a landscape that is constantly changing.

A hard pair of boots to fill, which is where we come in. Armed with years of experience in the digital world, knowledge of all aspects of the project, and the ability to work with people up to senior level, we join all of the necessary dots to ensure the organisations dream can become a reality.

And why do all of this?

Given the enormity of projects such as these, you’d expect a similar volume in the amount of benefits it yields. And you would be right in your expectations.

The benefits are rife and the benefits providing the biggest differences include:

  • improved team collaboration, communication and productivity
  • real time analytics and reporting, resulting in insight led decision making
  • up to date and mobile access to organisational wide information
  • ability to constantly measure and adjust processes and activities
  • reduce costs thanks to smarter processes and automating recurring tasks
  • more time and resources; letting your people be better at what they are already great at
  • faster adoption of changes for needs and competitive landscape
  • stronger relationships (inside and outside of the organisation)
  • increased customer loyalty

Sound like something your organisation could benefit from?

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Post by Beth Halliday

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