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May 11, 2022

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How we're managing new ways of working

Our founder, Kevin was recently interviewed by the Editor of the Terry Dicken Business Park blog. They wanted to know all about how we’d adapted to new ways of working during the pandemic.

Kevin explains;

Distinctive approach

“In 2019 we were helping businesses with their marketing using the latest digital technologies. We worked with a range of companies marketing all sorts from online veterinary products to multi-million pound engineering contracts.”

Glad to help

“Then we started getting referred into organisations to help source and implement digital technologies across the wider organisation, not just within the marketing and sales teams. Our background is essentially in mobile technology so we have a deep understanding of how technology works and how to create digital working environments. But perhaps more importantly, we are used to helping people to overcome fears and adopt new ways of working with new technology. Many of our clients refer us in to help others.”

New ways of working

“When the pandemic hit we easily switched to remote working. We also were very well placed to help other organisations manage this change. The first few months were super busy, training clients on new platform features that enabled them to continue trading. Things like video calling, secure document sharing and upgrading websites to include chatbots, online sales options and a general increase in digital communications kept our clients effective and efficient throughout that period.”

Giving more with ‘Purpose Hour’

“During the pandemic we recognised that not-for-profit (NFP) organisations were hit very heavily. Many relied on ‘boots on the ground’ to create revenue and needed the necessary, technical experience in-house to react swiftly. That meant that many were really struggling to survive in the ‘remote working’ culture. In order to help these organisations we created ’Purpose Hour'. This consists of a structured video call with 2 of our team and the client’s key people to address their current challenges. Completely free of charge, this session allows us to suggest a starting point from which to make change."

We saved one charity £15,000 in platform fees in just one session

Solving organisational challenges

“The types of conundrum we help organisations to overcome —

We’re all spreadsheets and paper files, how can we get started digitally?

• We’ve already got a platform, but we’re not sure how to use it properly — should we switch?

• We’ve got six different digital tools, but our teams are working in siloes — how can we connect everybody?

These scenarios are common and we understand that often a significant financial investment has already been made in current systems. Just removing the old and replacing with new isn’t always an option. That’s why we look at how an organisation is structured, what the vision for 3 years hence is, who plays key roles now and budget among other things. Then we try and offer ‘good - better - best’ options for the client to evaluate.”

Subject matter experts

“We also adapted to new ways of working. Our team now only consists of very experienced, subject matter experts who can be called on only when our clients need them. We deliver a blend of face-to-face and virtual support depending on what the client is comfortable with. We’re completely independent so do not have a product to ‘sell’ but we have team members who are experts in different platforms. This allows us to deliver the best value.”

In just one hour we can help you to assess where you’re at, suggest new ways of working and talk through a few practical solutions - book your complimentary Purpose Hour here

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