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Sep 01, 2021

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Microsoft Teams 101 — Your questions answered

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular ways for people to work together online and have digital conversations with their teammates.

Other providers let you do this too, but Teams is a little different. Instead of having to log into a range of different platforms — eg. Google Workplace to create documents, Slack to share files and manage projects, and Zoom to have video calls — Microsoft Teams lets you do all of these things in one place. Not only can you work on documents, share files, manage projects and have calls with Teams, you can also do all of these things at the same time. If you want to.

Microsoft Teams —
Your most common questions answered...

  • How much does Teams cost?
    It’s free. For everyone. Yes, once upon a time you had to pay for it, but not anymore.
  • Do I need to buy Microsoft 365 to access Teams?
    No, you don’t need to buy Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) to access Teams. Teams is free for everyone. However, if you do pay for a Microsoft programme — you will have full access to Teams already.
  • Do I need to download Teams?
    No, you don’t. But it will work better if you do. If you don’t want to download the app, you can use Teams by opening a browser window (googling Teams and logging in). Or just by clicking the link in your invite. You can have calls and join meetings without downloading anything. It works both ways, but you’re likely to have a smoother (better) experience if you use the Teams app.
  • Is Teams complicated?
    When Teams was originally developed it was pretty complicated, but that was back in 2017. Over the past few years Microsoft has tinkered with the app and it’s much more user friendly these days. In terms of being complicated — it really depends on the different technology you’re used to using, and your personal level of technical confidence.
  • Is there anything Teams offers (for free) that’s particularly special?
    YES! We’re very excited about the free webinar feature. If you’re wondering — webinars are currently the sleekest and slickest way to present to people, online, in a way they’ll enjoy and engage with. At present Teams is the only provider that allows people free access to make, watch and present webinars. This is big news guys.
  • Is there a way to stop everyone from logging off of a video call the moment someone mentions the dreaded two words: ‘breakout’ and ‘room’?
    Yes, hallelujah. After cottoning on to the fact that the majority of us, when we’re on a video call, really hate it when we have to split into small groups to have awkward conversations. Microsoft has found ways to make the whole experience less uncomfortable and more inclusive. If you don’t believe it’s possible, it’s worth testing it out for yourself.
  • Is there a quick and easy way to engage, without interrupting?
    Yes 👍. Thanks to the power of the emoji, you now have the ability to express your joy 😁 , woe 😫 and every other reaction in-between. All without interrupting a video call to tell your colleague how great/ terrible you think their idea is. Whoever invited the emoji really deserves awKhFqZbhMLsMr7oSSv2AFScIoh-bivqNfRduJNh5oglQ_NKjZEsHHEynphrcRnhKmcfCEt72TdOGxa4zuy2TcC0k--B89d74nfOs661V_UqQnwcwCQFw2l_7L2eHYMFOR0R9fVCO

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