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Nov 14, 2019

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Managing change in the Not for Profit sector

Change is here now.

The way we work is changing forever. Organisations, places, the work we do and the people we do it for are undergoing an unprecedented revolution.

Often overlooked in the important decisions about which technology or transformational plan, sometimes both, is the matter of people accepting and adopting new ways of working. Yet this remains the biggest single success factor.

We have supported NFP partners to help shape a future of work that creates opportunity for all and is 100% Human. Getting an organisation in shape for a radically different world starts with the great perspectives its people can offer, earned from working on the frontline everyday. Creating new ways of working is a two-way partnership with people. We’re not sure it can be done, or done effectively, without them.

We invariably start by listening to the needs of people and then create an environment that helps them thrive.

“Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

Steve Jobs / Co-founder Apple Inc and Pixar

That environment is driven by the evolution and growth of digital and mobile technologies that have radically changed the way we work – and the way we think about working.

Involving everyone in the higher purpose of technological change not only inspires but also engages all stakeholders. Organisations have multiple stakeholders, including volunteers, staff, suppliers, donors, and others. Some organisations focus on fundraising to the exclusion of everything else. A smart organisation will concentrate on the whole ecosystem to create and bring value to the whole organisation and all its stakeholders.

Leadership plays a huge part in effective change

We see those who emphasise a "we" rather than a "me" mentality drive the organisation and work to cultivate a culture of all round benefit and success, the essence of new ways of working being adopted.

Post by Kevin Lawless

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