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Jan 17, 2020

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TechSmart; Technology, change & how to succeed

We are going to ask you a question about change and we’d like you to be honest for this one.

Do you struggle with the ‘people’ side of getting your employees engaged with new technology within your organisation?

We all want to say no because no one likes to admit a ‘problem’ but if you answered yes then you’ve recognised the first step to successful change. Congrats.

The WE team recently exhibited at TechSmart NFP in London. TechSmart is an event aimed at the tech landscape in the not-for-profit sector and is designed to inform organisations on what’s trending, what is – and isn’t working – and what’s the “next big thing”.

It was a day full of expertise from people across the whole industry with various panel discussions, ted-style talks, lighting sessions and networking. We are proud to say we were a sponsor of the event and therefore we had our own exhibition stand and we chatted to lots of different folk in the not-for-profit sector.

So where are we going with this? Hang in there… digital transformation and change management is a popular subject in NFP AND most organisations that we spoke to were either experiencing the same problems or have just come out of this complex period with their organisation and not one person said it was easy or smooth! Feeling better?

This is common. You should not see it as a problem. Instead, change your mindset to something like ‘this is just a reflection of new technology’ we all had to get used to smart phones in the mid-naughties and now we’d be lost without them. As humans we hate change as it messes with what our brain knows and our routines but not all change is bad, you just need the right approach to implement it well.

Fear not, Wireless Economics are the team that bring the right people-led approach to your organisation. We have recently just helped a national charity get a digital transformation project back up and running. We helped introduce the change for their valuable people in the varied places that they work AND we saved them thousands of pounds in the process.

You can read more about that here.

Like how that sounds?

Please do email if you want any guidance, we would love to help.

Post written by Sally Atkinson

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