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Apr 21, 2023

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Why first party data is crucial for all organisations

Organisations are doing more with less: meeting soaring user expectations by building first-party data and using real-time personalisation.

How? With a connected single-source-of-truth delivering insights that are new, useful and true.

The single-source-of-truth concept is used to ensure that everyone in an organisation bases decisions on the same data. To put this in place, simply integrate your core touch-points. These should include database/CRM, website, social, email, events, contact-management and even those ever so rare phone calls!

In reality, in 2023 the most successful organisations will use digital engagement to drive growth. Thus increasing resilience in a rapidly changing landscape.

To summarise this for you, WE has abridged the excellent 2023 Twillo research to illustrate the challenge.

60% of organisations say that investing in digital user engagement has improved their ability to meet changing user needs.

Three macro-influences are driving this change

(which happened gradually and then suddenly!)

  • The urgent need to protect people’s privacy

(bringing value and insights)

  • The continued digital transformation of all organisations

(now the norm)

These trends span sectors, countries, and organisation types - and they demand a response.

Engagement strategies need to allow organisations to address their users’ needs in real-time.

Indeed, first-party data (and zero-party data) are critical to keeping people engaged in this new environment.

It’s also critical to move beyond data collection and into data activation. In a data-saturated world, organisations need the ability to not just collect and organise, but to actually make use of real-time customer insight.

Organisations that have a sharp, forward-looking plan to make the most of a highly personalised landscape - without compromising on data safety and privacy - have a bright future.

In conclusion, five key takeaways emerge from this report. These core principles are crucial for improving user engagement in 2023.

  • Patience for impersonal experiences hits a low 66% of people say they will quit an organisation if their experience isn’t personalised.
  • Real-time personalisation improves customer lifetime value 86% of people say that personalised experiences increase their loyalty to specific organisations.
  • Demand for a faster transition to a cookie-less future 95% of people want more control over their customer data. Placing top priority on identity data.
  • We trust organisations less than organisations realise 98% of users want guarantees on the privacy of their data, and more transparency on how it's used.
  • Balancing security and user experience is vital 42% of organisations say their current top engagement challenge is finding balance between security and customer experience.

Undeniably there’s a lot going on here! Therefore we’re here to help if you need it

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Post by Kevin Lawless

Photo by Blake Wisz