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Oct 16, 2023

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Social Media: For People, Not Profit - Reclaiming the Digital Space

It’s tempting to look at the news and assume that social media platforms are finished. However we don’t see it that way. As long as their ‘3rd party data’ advertising opportunities are plentiful, users will still engage. Consequently, organisations will be amongst the last to leave these channels.

But this year has been far from easy for the major players.

First, let’s get some facts about social media out of the way:

  1. Social media is just a marketplace; each platforms desire for making money far outweighs their desire for forging connections.
  2. Commoditising peoples ‘status’ via likes, is detrimental to mental health; it’s dark this, and to keep brushing it under the ‘numbers carpet’ could end up detrimental to your organisation’s health.
  3. Personal data is bought and sold to the highest bidder; despite this, many users still have no idea about the value of their personal data, until bad things happen (e.g. Facebook/Cambridge Analytica).
  4. Anything goes, so long as ‘engagement’ happens; therefore platforms reward highly liked posts, especially in news feeds, forcing users to attempt to become sensationalised publishers themselves.
  5. The next generation of platforms will overcome these toxic influences; social media has taught us that humans like being connected. People are moving away from social media to networks that truly value privacy, and the social media providers are doing nothing about it.

Can you think of any other aspect of your organisation where these toxic practices would be acceptable?

If your organisation spends time or money on social media, it’s time for a rethink.

How do these platforms benefit you? What more can be done than simply maintaining the status quo? Give your organisation a reality check and be part of the change. Social media for people is coming.


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Post by Kevin Lawless

Photo by Adem AY