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Mar 23, 2020

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Stay connected; Business as usual whilst unusual

Business as usual whilst (very) unusual.

These trying times have disrupted life as we know it. COVID-19 has resulted in drastic measures; school, entertainment and store closures, for the safety of staff and customers. But for many, the working cogs are still expected to turn from a safe distance, in the comfort of our homes.

And what makes the cogs turn?

We are sharing some tips that we have found work for us in helping us stay connected whilst miles apart.

  1. Video Calling

As opposed to a normal phone call, video conferencing allows for a more collaborative environment between yourself and those involved. Tools such as: Microsoft Teams, weMAP Video calling and Adobe Connect, allows users to participate in activities, work together and communicate effectively all in one realm. This is a perfect option for those with access to the digital world, in continuing interactions with customers, employees and organisations they’re working with.

2. Keep people in the know

When staying in business, make sure your customers know the ways in which they can contact you, should they need to. Of course working from home means no office phones, and in some cases no digital tech, with some people working from office desktops. Make sure alternative options have been put in place for your customers to contact you, and these are communicated.

3. Check in with people

Make sure that everyone knows what each other is doing. Use things like calendar reminders and project management tools such as Teamwork or Trello to see what others are doing to prevent workload duplication. Setting tasks for others can help with sight of what is happening across the business and ensure day to day tasks are still being done.

4. Space

Although working remotely can mean you’re already in your own space, often the comfort of your own home. Space is still key. Set yourself your own space for working so that you can get into the right working mindset when in that space. This is important for life:work balance. It allows you to come away from your working environment, and go back to it in the morning.


Confusing. But necessary! Working from home, you can get caught up in the “working” aspect. Having your work and tech in your grasp, you can lose track of time and workload, and continue to complete tasks and efforts to ensure business is in as good a shape as it can be in these testing times. It is key that for your own health and wellbeing, that you give yourself a break. Schedule regular breaks from your screen and if it’s at all possible, go for a walk. If not, change rooms, open a window and get some fresh air. Stretch out, breathe deeply.

It is okay to put yourself first and not increase the strain of the current circumstances. Allow time for yourself, each other and above all, stay safe!

Post written by Beth Halliday

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