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Jul 20, 2021

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The obvious yet overlooked art of meeting online

Video calls have become the essential way to meet. The technology is fantastic, but using it can be exhausting too.

Here's five simple remedies to help banish 'Zoom fatigue':

Be upfront

Would it be less distracting for you if everyone turned their sound and camera off? Or would you feel nervous or uncomfortable talking to a silent, faceless screen? If you’re the host or presenter, don’t sit there feeling uncomfortable — let people know what’s expected.

Advanced expectations are always helpful. When people are working from their own home they might need a bit of a ‘camera on’ pre-warn — so they can get their kids out of the way, tidy up or change out of their comfy clothes.

Join in silence, with a smile

Unless the host has requested otherwise, enter a meeting online as you would a real life one; visibly but quietly. Turn your camera on and your sound off — so people can see that you’re present but they’re not being disrupted by your background noise.

Be present

Guys — you need to know that, if you have your sound on, everyone in the meeting can hear you replying to emails and it’s irritating. And if you have your camera on but your sound off, everyone still knows what you’re doing because you’re pulling your ‘I’m doing something completely unrelated’ face.

When you’re in a meeting online — help everyone to stay focused by staying focused yourself.

Get involved without disrupting the meeting

The chat function is an ingenious way to ask the host or presenter a question without disrupting the flow of the meeting. The host can then answer your questions when there’s a pause.

However, if you’re concentrating on presenting, you’ re likely to miss some of the comments and questions, which can leave meeting attendees feeling annoyed. Stop unnecessary frustration, ask another colleague to manage the chat panel for you.

Keep to time

This one is simple but too often overlooked: don’t overrun, it’s not fun.

Before the meeting is over, plan in time to answer questions, agree on next steps and book in a follow up.

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