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Jul 20, 2022

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The trouble with troubleshooting

Support documents are a great first step. But when the issue isn’t straightforward, personalised human support is key.

We’ve all been there. Something isn’t working. The troubleshooting starts and the help that’s needed is nowhere to be found. We’ve asked google, read a support doc, watched a help video, exchanged info with a chatbot and scanned through comments on a forum. We’ve followed all of the suggested steps, in order, and yet – things still aren’t working. It can feel so frustrating, wondering what’s going on. Maybe the support doc is out of date, perhaps the internet is playing up, or is it possible that the answer is still yet to be found?

Pre-made support documents and videos are great when you are troubleshooting a common issue, but when you’re searching for answers to bespoke problems – nothing compares to hands-on help from a human.

One of the best things about being a project team is that we know each of our clients personally and helping them overcome issues – especially the tricky ones – is a rewarding part of what we do. We provide the usual troubleshooting documents, but we also offer something else: experience and dedication to the people we work with, the systems we use and the problems that pop up along the way.

When it comes to support, we take time to personalise training to reflect the unique processes, problems and personalities of each organisation that we work with. Doing this means that many complications never happen. But if they do, we’re there to help. People tell us that they like working with us because when they’re faced with an obstacle they know that they can call us, we’ll listen to them, and we’ll work with them to sort things out.

If you’re not quite ready to make that call, here’s four common things that we've been asked to troubleshoot:

Help! Why has something in my regular view just disappeared?

We get asked about this a lot, and it tends to be when someone has changed their screen size or the size of the screen they’re working on. Try changing your settings to ‘actual view’ and see if that makes any difference.

Help! Why is the system / website / device running so slowly, and why are things not loading properly?

Try clearing your cache. This can be done in a few simple steps. We should all do this once a month, but doing it weekly is even better. By deleting all the information that’s automatically stored to your device every time you visit a new site or open a new app, your system should speed up and work properly.

Help! Why has the system / website / device suddenly stopped working?

This could be a case of something important being deleted. Happens a lot. To check if this is the case for you; follow the steps you used at set up, and check if all the ones you initially created are still there. If something is missing, it might be hiding in your recycle bin.

Help! I'm creating an email in my marketing tool. Why are the images in my email not lining up?

Set all of your images to the size you need before uploading them to your email editor. Correctly sized images are much easier to work with, within a platform, if they are all the same size before you upload them.

If you’re looking for help from a human, you’re in the right place

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Post by Georgina Barrett

Photo by Jason Goodman