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Jun 22, 2023

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Why your growth needs a connected single source of truth

Using a single source of truth for your organisation’s data creates a unified platform that everyone can access.

Connecting data from multiple streams and housing it in one place makes it easier to see the bigger picture. The single source of truth concept is a critical part of developing insights.

Using all data available to the organisation, staff can access and understand insights into every part of their activity. This includes income generation, user behaviour, operations and marketing campaigns.

Equally, it can all be measured in real-time.

Looking at individual platform analytics like understanding ad spend, or monitoring social likes is a great start.

However, how effective is that in answering these types of question?

  • What is the actual impact on your organisation?
  • What activity is creating engagement?
  • What is actually driving income?

Trying to monitor and measure siloed data from multiple sources is extremely time consuming and almost impossible.

Connecting all of this data to a single source of truth is critical to creating effective insight.

Especially considering that very few people will only engage with one of our channels before making an engagement decision. Most people will engage with us multiple times, across many touch-points like webpages, social posts, email, via chat or at events.

Recognising this, then using the data to create the ultimate performance information is what’s important.

Thus, we need a - connected - single source of truth.

With it, staff have a complete picture of exactly how all our activity is performing, down to the smallest detail.

Understanding this data to such an extent means we can make changes to messaging and targeting that can make the difference between growth - or not.

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Post by Kevin Lawless

Photo by Israel Andrade